Cable Knit Leggings

Cable knit leggings are not as hard to design a whole outfit around as you may think. Trendsetters often reach for a pair of warm leggings, but don’t know how to create a trendy look with them. It is safe to say that most people worry too much about what to wear with their cable knit leggings and don’t appreciate the freedom these leggings offer. The simple advice outlined below can help you overcome your fear of wearing and purchasing knit leggings. What To Wear On The Bottom Knit leggings look best paired with shorts or above knee skirts. The point of purchasing leggings with a cable knit design is to show off the attention to detail, which can’t be observed if you’re wearing long skirts that hide the detailing. For a more “preppy” look, consider pairing your cable knit leggings with mini shorts. If your leggings are a solid color such as gray, beige or white, feel free to choose shorts that contain patterns such as houndstooth or checkers. Mini skirts work much the same way paired with leggings, but they offer more versatility and freedom since skirts come in several shapes. Your warm knit leggings should also be paired with an appropriate pair of shoes. Since these leggings are meant to be worn during cold months, it is wise to wear them with boots or booties. The most popular choice is to wear high heeled lace up boots as they add the most interest and versatility to the outfit. However, it is important you keep in mind that your boots should be a solid color if your shorts or mini skirt already contains a pattern. 

Cable Knit Leggings And A Top

People often have the most trouble finding the perfect top to wear with cable knit leggings. However, it is important to note that sometimes a mini dress or a long top does the trick. When choosing a long top or a mini dress, choose one that has minimal patterns or a color that matches that of your leggings. It is important that you don’t create an outfit that’s too monochromatic or clashes with your leggings. Layering is sometimes the key to getting a good balance. Not everyone can rock a mini dress, which is perfectly alright. For example, pairing a short sleeve tee with a cropped mini blazer can look just as great as a mini dress with a jacket would. Even though your leggings consist of a knit material, you don’t have to shy away from wearing the same material on top. For example, pairing a sweater dress with your warm leggings is not considered a fashion faux pas. You can add interest to the dress by cinching your waist together with a belt. There are hundreds of combinations that you can make with your knit leggings. There is rarely a right or wrong, just some combinations look trendier than others. What you always need to focus on is your style personality and the colors you as well as patterns you are pairing with one another. Keep in mind the tips you’ve just learned about how you can wear your cable knit leggings for a trendy look.