How To Wear Sweater Leggings

If you are wondering how to wear sweater leggings then this article explains this new trend. Sweater leggings are very popular at the moment. They are warm and thick leggings that will keep you cosy in the cooler weather. They can be worn in a variety of ways and this will be explained to those of you who don’t know how to wear sweater leggings. If you want to know how to wear sweater leggings and be trendy, you need to look around at what everyone else is wearing. They are usually worn with shorts on top. This helps protect your modesty as well as giving an extra layer of warmth. You can then wear a shorter top with them as you won’t have to cover up, so it can make them look a lot more flattering as well. The one key way not to wear them is with a short top, or with your top tucked in. This is a most unflattering style, even on the skinniest of girls and no one can carry this style off at all, even though you might see many girls doing it.

How to wear sweater leggings in different seasons

Sweater leggings are lovely and warm, so can be worn like traditional leggings with a long top over them so you can still be trendy but without getting cold in the winter weather. They can be dressed with warm socks and boots so they are still appropriate in the winter days. In the summer you can wear them with slip on shoes and a strappy top so you can stay warmer in cool evenings. For autumn and winter they are a great alternative to traditional leggings as they are unlikely to ladder and the extra thickness will be a great choice on a windy day. If you are wondering how to wear sweater leggings with a skirt or dress then you might notice that you can’t just wear them like tights because there aren’t feet in them. The best way is to wear them with a longer length dress or skirt and then you can couple them with thick socks and ankle boots. If you own longer boots that come to the knee or even thigh then they can work with these too and have the added benefit of not falling down inside your boots and making them rub on your calves. The advantages of leggings over tights is that they are a lot more comfortable. They don’t pull tight around you bottom and you don’t have to pull them up all the time to stop them bagging up. They also allow you to keep your feet bare which can be look better with some shoes, and if you do like to wear thick socks it can be a lot more comfortable than wearing them over tights which can pull tight on your toes and be uncomfortable. So hopefully you now know how to wear sweater leggings and will feel confident in buying and wearing this trendy new fashion item of clothing.