Sweater Tights

Sweater tights reached their heyday in the ’80s and ’90s, but they are slowly starting to make a comeback. The winter fashion scene has embraced this new idea with open arms. Most people reach for their leggings or jeans in the wintertime. However, with sweater tights slowly coming back into fashion, people are taking advantage of wearing skirts and dresses in the winter months.

Really, What Are They?

If you didn’t make use of this trend or let alone participate when it was popular in the ’80s and ’90s, it is perfectly understandable that you don’t know what these tights are. These tights are made from cotton, but a heavier form of cotton which resembles a material sweaters would be made out of. These tights are able to provide insulation during the colder months of the year and make wearing dresses or skirts bearable.

Patterns Are Available Too!

You may have gotten used to years of wearing nylon tights or fishnet stocking. However, when it comes to sweater tights, there are plenty of interesting designs to be found as well. Meanwhile, the most popular of these types of tights consist of solid colors such as black, brown and maroon; there are specialty designs that are available for those who seek them out. Some designs you can hope to find incorporate a winter snowflake theme, meanwhile others use discreet argyle prints or stripes.

Where Can You Buy Sweater Tights?

Even if you weren’t aware of their existence, you may be surprised to find that sweater tights can be purchased at just about any store. If you know your measurements well enough, popular shopping websites can help you select some one-of-a-kind tights to make your winter a fashionable one. However, popular store chains will more than likely also carry these types of tights in the ladies section. Where you may find fishnet stocking or nylons, in that aisle, you will most likely spot these coveted winter tights.

Are They Itchy?

If you have ever had the pleasure of wearing a pair of nylon tights for prolonged periods of time, you may have started to itch after a while. However, this may leave you wondering whether or not to expect the same from tights made out of a sweater-like cotton material. You can rest assured that most warm and knitted tights come with a high percentage of cotton and are often mixed with a bit of spandex to ensure they are stretchable. Wearing these tights for a long time is not a problem, as they rarely irritate anyone with sensitive skin.

The Price Is Just Right!

You don’t have to worry about spending more money on knit tights as opposed to nylon ones. Once you get over the initial shock of price in any form, it is important to note that you will not pay more for these warmer tights. Warmer tights are generally priced at the same level as any other tights, perhaps give or take a few dollars.

Wearing dresses or skirts in the winter may have seemed impossible to you until now. Hopefully, this article has convinced you of all of the wonderful reasons that sweater tights can be right for you during the cold season!